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We are Hiring

Have you heard, we are looking for some helping hands. If you want to play with pretty flowers with us please apply.

We are accepting applications until June 1.



We are looking for a designer position and visual assistant for day-of, to help us throughout our 2019 season.

Design position | Help us process, prepare and create. This design position requires some skill in visual arts and ability to pair textures & colours. We will teach your the technical side of the process. This position will be centered on creating arrangements and you may be required to take part in day-of installations. We have weddings Thursdays through Saturdays over the course of several weekends in the summer and the dates we would require your assistance are not able to be modified. Please recognize whether this is a commitment you are prepared to make. Prep for weddings happens over the course of 2-3 days leading up to the wedding and you may be asked to work some or all of those days. More details will be provided if you are offered the position. You must have access to a vehicle as you will need to travel to our home studio just outside Carleton Place.

Visual Assistant | Slightly different from the design position in that it is only day-of assistance. No dates will be required leading up to the wedding, exclusively wedding days (typically Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and there is plenty of labour intensive work to do. Day-of work often includes on-site installations and heavy lifting. You will be required to lift and carry buckets of flowers, boxes of greenery and other miscellaneous items. These can sometimes weigh upwards of 50lbs. Hours for day of range from 4 to 8 hours. We will also require your availability to tear-down at the end of the night (between 1AM & 3AM), on the wedding day itself. Not all weddings require tear-down but many do. You will know in advance which weddings will require this service. You must have access to a vehicle as you will be asked to travel to various locations, such as our home studio just outside Carleton Place, the wedding venue and to some out of town weddings.


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