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Marta & Darcy

Marta & D’Arcy 

May 16 2020 | Horticulture building

Brides bouquet | Using spring jewel tones inspired flowers and greenery, this large sized bouquet will have mostly burgundy, blue and coral with some contrasting roses.
Coral peonies, burgundy peony, lilac, blue thistle and sage toned foliage. 
(no pastel colours)

Silk ribbon is our standard.

The bridesmaids bouquets will be small versions of the brides.

Boutonnieres | The wedding party boutonnieres will be made with deep burgundy blooms. Textured foliage and a few accent textured blooms may be added to make them full.

Corsage - Womens | For moms. Blush and white flowers to be used, the dark green foliage will offer great contrast.

Corsage - Mens | For dads. Made to match the moms.

Wrist corsage | For brides grandmother. Simple and elegant whites and blush tones made into a wristlet.