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Marie-Claude & Thomas

Marie-Claude & Thomas

July 26 2019 | Horticulture Building

Floral selections | We are planning to use the above varieties of flowers and greenery for all aspects of the design. Not limited to these but rather focal flowers.

Bride’s bouquet | The shape of the first bouquet above will be that of your bridal bouquet, but made in a small size. The bridesmaids bouquets will all be made unique like the bouquets above but made in a small size.

Bridesmaids bouquets | Mix and match styles using the same flowers and foliage as the bride’s bouquet. Each one will look like an individual design.

Boutonnieres | Will all have one same element, that being the foliage type. The rest will be complimentary and tie together with the bouquets.

Wrist corsage | For moms. The simple white blooms will work with any outfit.

Centerpieces | The array of table centerpiece ideas will be as follows. The inspiration is drawn from a combination of English Garden style, Canadiana, French heritage and the warmth of a Homemade meal. Leaving space for food platters on all the tables will be ensured on site.

  1. Heavier bright green foliage, made into garland runners on the table (leaving spaces for the food platters)

  2. Small terracotta pots will have various herbs sprouting out of them. Basil, rosemary, mint and sage.

  3. Thinner more minimal greenery spread across the table.

  4. Milk glass vases with red/white anemone & red/white tulips.

  5. Eucalyptus garland.

  6. Milk vases with blue hydrangea, for the cake table only.

  7. Moss garland with clear bud vases. Simple blooms clustered throughout.

  8. Milk vases again, however these will contain baby’s breath and pink astilbe, along with red blooms. These will be used for the cocktail tables only.

  9. For the King’s Table; Greenery garland with moss, white blooms added also to run along the head table.

Ceremony | Two of the beams separating the ceremony and reception area. We would add climbing “vine” like greenery and at the base, a few flowers. The greenery would climb to different heights on two beams. Additional foraged foliage would be used to make the design appear very “out of nature”