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Hannah & Taylor

Hannah & Taylor

September 26 2019 | Le Belvédère

Bride’s bouquet | The shapes of these bouquets really show what I’d like to create, size and variety-wise. The first image displays the colour varieties I’d like to use, without the use of peach. The second bouquet shows that various textures and the third bouquet shows the size and the neutral tones I plan to use. Silk ribbon is what we use to tie the bouquet, an upgrade for most others.

Bridesmaids hoops | Embroidery hoops will have simple greenery and coordinating blooms from the bride’s bouquet. These will be fairly simple, however the amount of blooms will be like those in the second image.

Groom’s boutonniere | Burgundy focal flowers, surrounded by coordinating smaller blooms. The foliage will fill the piece up and the ribbon will finish off the whole look. Exposed stems on all our boutonnieres is standard.

Boutonnieres | Mix and match of blooms and foliage to coordinate the whole wedding party.

Corsage | For the wrist, and using the paler tones will offer a classic look. It will suit any colour outfit the wearer chooses.

Centerpieces | Heavy with the blooms, the centerpieces will be as lush as these above, however the varieties will continue to tie together the wedding palette. Greenery will be deeper greens and sage toned. The blooms themselves will offer a variety of textures.

Ceremony site | The unique wood arch at the Belvedere doesn’t need much enhancement but a wilderness inspired arrangement would blend well into the scenery and offer added visual interest above you, the bride and groom. Lush greenery and simple blooms designed in an asymmetrical style will create a unique look that combines the little bit of boho with a timeless element that you’ll look back on and love for years to come. I would make the arrangement smaller than what you see here in these images, to better suit your budget.